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Located in the Zhongguancun,often referred to as "China's Silicon Valley". The Lake View Hotel is situated close to famous Beijing attractions including Yuanming Yuan and theSummer Palace.On offer in this Beijing hotel are a great variety of rooms. Hot spring waters are piped in directly to rooms from underground spring sources so that guests can enjoy the waters' health benefits in the privacy of their own quarters .[View Detail]    

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  • gracejing1982
    Near the University, quiet, facilities good.
  • paopao702
    Not heating
  • liwenjuan
    At the North Gate, from the West Gate of Tsinghua University is also close, on business with a choice.
  • alpsyao
    Environment and health is very good.
  • dlcrest2011
    For the man's, well, near destination
  • gracejianfeng
    A good environment, good hardware, also is good, of course. If memory serves me right set of Grohe bathroom, be consistent with location. business, expectations are not high, actually pretty OK
  • dgxjd
    Which is very nice,
  • jinmingji
    On in Zhongguancun and North Tsinghua around gongchu of people location is good. around restaurant not more hotel decoration also good, to North Campus is convenient. room is clean service personnel also are has courtesy live have is comfortable. from type restaurant eat breakfast can see hotel within garden is seductive. just room within of lights some dark lamp some small office some inconvenience as can improved is for better.
  • jungle1121
    SOE Fan
  • anya_y
    Shower of water, have the nerve to say five stars?
  • jamcoo
    To the people in and around Peking University and Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun gongchu good location. 700 rooms don't have refrigerators should not. for business, not suitable for a family holiday. not many restaurants around
  • e02038465
    A very good environment, services and overall didn't get heated, the waiter helped me find the heater, super powerful!
  • love815
    Best hotel near the East Gate of Peking University
  • junjundawang
    Hotel is great, more convenient transportation, from the old Summer Palace for a long time, with the room card for free at Peking University visited. during your stay happens to be my husband's birthday, prepare a birthday cake at the hotel ... only downside is there is no breakfast set breakfast 1581, is more expensive, so we were eating breakfast outside.
  • jeanetteyang
    That's good
  • tangxiao913
    Service very poor hotel, 6:30 A.M. I go to breakfast, guests do not exceed 3, two fried eggs, and 10 minutes later there is no frying. worse is, fourty-five minutes I was standing there, interns without saying anything, nor any indication. ask him what answer more dead than alive.
  • e00071774
    That's good!
  • ai_cai
    Hotel service is good, the rooms are quite big and convenient, round out the circle, very close to the summer palace, Tsinghua University just across the hotel, convenient to the North Campus is the most important worry not.
  • guwei5401
    Walked into the lobby and elegant fragrance of lavender, ice-cool, great, but leaks under the sink, wood have a musty smell, greatly affecting housing, with the room card to casually in and out of the North campus.
  • billywong2006
    Hotel is very good, the atmosphere of the room, quiet, and thoughtful service, and Zhongguancun, the old Summer Palace is also close.
  • TP137
    Hotel in North Campus, is has College taste. a floor has a track pot, is xxx famous athletes investment of, not only pot taste good, also has in here accidentally on can hit big athletes Oh. front desk service Super praise, some clothes loaded down to express back Hangzhou, has is late has, front desk also is enthusiastic full help I do, very thanks! Hotel sanitation are good!
  • lorsing
    With the room card entered Peking University campus, parking is free
  • Leesinting09
    All right
  • lawman2000
    Good hotel service, traffic convenient, elegant environment, next time will come.
  • m02298468
    Convenient travel safety
  • Danny Jin
    Very convenient, good praise!
  • atluo
    Price is not high. is to skip the line into North
  • pasino
    To shop late at night, attentive at the front desk. 23rd day of upgraded suite, good move.
  • an_eagle
    North atmosphere
  • Smilence
    Why staying with no cash back?! And you do not renew the informed?!
  • fatball169
    Which is very nice
  • wy808285
    Hotel turned off the air conditioning ... hot to get three night, didn't sleep well. reflect the results send a fan, doesn't work at all. it's not a five-star hotel facilities.
  • blessbi
    Hotel compared old, bathroom shower between block not flow easy flooded water. hotel gift of water put to metamorphic has, open are water like open soda bottle tank as of gas sound. deliberately set of Park King room opened curtains full blocked has, almost see missing Park King, another a between city King room saw of only classroom, also can see students in class see downstairs smoking of students. only satisfaction of is clean rooms clean of is good, rooms service of meals prepared time and configuration do of good, meals of taste Indonesia fried riceWell, others ordinary. coffee somewhat astringent.
  • alvineden
    Wonderful journey, comfortable environment, the first-class service! nice one. you, is a wise choice.
  • giulioli
    Good location, greater in scale, but the price is inflated. in particular, pedicures and services are very bad, the way.
  • e02254223
    Very good service! very good hotel
  • NiuNiu888
    Good, clean, convenient, next to
  • bb0503
    Almost from the North, the environment is also very good, are provided for in each class
  • e03259075
    Staff good, quiet, Howard Johnson into the garden of a House.
  • e00558141
    A very good environment!
  • m00745886
    Hotel is very good, nice
  • m00578316
    Breakfast was on the verge!, all good!
  • jing95
    Great location, close to the North.
  • babycat
    Frequent flyer
  • e00036602
    This hotel except lobby also is luxury outside, other of are can with old to expressed. old is refers to room within facilities like with has ten years above of feel, everywhere old was. bathroom ground tiles stains stained, wall surface rupture, even put tissue of pumping tray are is edges wear off paint of. room also as, carpet dirty old, even 4 star standard are no. luxury between than General between slightly big is, facilities as, more than 1000 more a late of room, only said front of praise taixu has. with customerBusiness trip, this hotel is the only advantage is that with the room card directly into the North campus. the breakfast is very poor, would not recommend.
  • lisa96
    Good location, the landscape of the city is beautiful, rooms very luxurious and very satisfied with
  • eason198606
    Five-star standards, rich wayward spending it!
  • fluffyjay
    Clean, clean good breakfast especially tasty, it's fantastic
  • erreur
    Pool is good
  • yangjun
    A very good environment, very comfortable