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Located in the Zhongguancun, often referred to as "China's Silicon Valley, " The Lake View Hotel (Beida Boya Guoji Huiyi Zhongxin) is situated close to famous Beijing attractions including Yuanming Yuan and the Summer Palace.

On offer in this Beijing hotel are a great variety of rooms. Hot spring waters are piped in directly to rooms from underground spring sources so that guests can enjoy the waters' health benefits in the privacy of their own quarters.

The on-site restaurants serve both Chinese and Western cuisines.

For recreation, guests can enjoy drinks at the lobby bar, make full use of fitness facilities, or enjoy one of the many spa treatments on offer.[View Detail]
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  • Pacent
    Went to the Beijing University are too easy, the only bad around is not what to eat
  • fsmail
    From the Peking University and Tsinghua University are close and convenient service.
  • fanfanfan123
    Bad hardware, carpet and tobacco stains, latches are broken.
  • robdit
    Your early booking, late No. check out slowly.
  • glasesea
    Nice hotel
  • eaton0362
    Network is poor, called spirit day, and doesn't work.
  • aileenaanc
  • e02158273
    OK, nice hotel, also near the school.
  • cici0426
    North best hotels five-star but the price is quite high have no other choice and found this hotel to be very good seat parking very convenient underground parking lot
  • bee0556
    Hotel service was very good. location on the north side, the hotel entrance there is a small door, you can go directly to the North, at 7 in the morning drive. relatively few varieties of breakfast, I feel nothing good
  • lixudyp
    Because of the location, the price is more than 1000 more costs, but your decorating the room are old, with the smell of smoke, even the air conditioning water, so ask for a room, assisting at the front desk, the new room is finally clean and didn't smell!
  • bostonstar
    Nice, next time to continue staying in.
  • a1003011034
    Hotel is a bit old and I stayed in a five star hotel in General still have a gap of
  • amy56788
    Sucks to live
  • geffory
    Convenient North classes
  • lemontree_cn
    If you provide guards when the children sleep better.
  • rocdeng
    Staying for a long time, you can
  • Yin1103
    Convenient, quiet
  • Alanw313
    Service not
  • angla_vv
    From Tsinghua is close, convenient, consistent public tour is suitable. service attitude is good, especially restaurants, customer-friendly; restaurant dishes rich, satisfying.
  • momomopao
    Which is very nice
  • daixiaoben
    A very good environment, the traffic is very convenient, only satisfied
  • abraca
    Each month to live was to go to Beijing University a good
  • m01361107
    Apart from slightly around wild things, without a dinner. are good!
  • e01949455
    Hotel is a bit old accommodation is too expensive have air conditioning in the room that we could not eat too much
  • lionel_w
    Hot water not hot
  • sunson
    Class is very convenient, is the price is too big.
  • e00300358
    Really good! environmental services very good! nice
  • earnest
    Rooms are old prices the next day, it was very good.
  • diana.tian
    Environment is good, the service is good, every time I go to live here
  • ajessica89
    Location between Peking University and Tsinghua University, is very convenient to go to the Summer Palace is within walking distance. room wide, slightly aging facilities, but very clean. only eat price is expensive and needed to eat outside the hotel. the overall good, worthy of recommendation.
  • tete0703
    Very nice, good comfort
  • cute boy
    Service good.
  • i6i6i
    Beijing Hotels are relatively expensive, downtown is ridiculously expensive, so hotels in this area on the whole price is still quite high, if we can meet at a discount, that is more like it.
  • nicewj2
    It wasn't too bad
  • e00152585
    All right
  • coloring007
    Not for classes in the North, will not stay at this hotel. service is very poor, said there was no room. alas! is right next to the Peking University School of business, the price is not cheap, not to fool guests!
  • Rebeer
    The word 'poor' and ordered the Executive room (garden), the window looked sparse trees, the room facilities are very old, most egregiously is the air conditioner will not start until noon, morning room temperature reached 28.8 degrees, hot leg.
  • E02935929
    Beautiful, quiet, hygiene, service is good.
  • wml739141400
    Friends for themselves when there is no contact hotel front desk to order good
  • lcy0402
  • flybugcoco
    Overall, is the meal is more expensive
  • e03488854
    West play the preferred place.
  • ANDYDONG8881
    Very close to the North, just north of a small door next to the hotel entrance, with the room card can enter, if going North on business should be very convenient, but taxis is not convenient, the hotel doors facing the street, some taxi drivers do not know how to get to the hotel
  • etyj01961
    Is located in North North, took bus can in Tsinghua University Simon station Xia, near has Metro station, seems is Zhongguancun station, near North foreign language College, and Guanghua Management College, and method College, compared quiet, but near no is near of restaurant and hotel, hotel within of restaurant rice price is high, and for different of scheduled way breakfast of price also will different, not understanding is why. facilities also can, belongs to compared new, but absolute not luxury. service is enthusiasm patience of. healthGeneral, Chair Shang has food debris and residue, Windows playing not open, compared oppressed, bathroom in has wash sent dew of bottle no Pack clean, garbage barrels in has residues of garbage, and no sets plastic bags, garbage barrels of like does not like is one-time of, personal think bathtub and no what with, feel should is houses compared tight, Pack have fast but not carefully. Overall, if this was a five-star slightly far-fetched, at least I have stayed in five-star standard than lower,In contrast health situation is the biggest problem, standards need to be established.
  • ddrrddrrddrr
    Good location to Peking University and Tsinghua University is the most convenient hotel, nice, the rooms are large and comfortable
  • loobin
    Beijing play seven days, for has four Home Hotel, which urban three home, respectively is North Burson-Marsteller, and Beijing Hotel, and long rich Palace Hotel, North Burson-Marsteller than addition two home high has is not a grade, environment like City Garden, location on in North Campus, tight got Tsinghua, and yuanmingyuan, service first-class, front desk of service level didn't of said, and, on price,, price is high! Pool 25*7 metres, enough to play ... ... I go to check outTime less than a minute ... ... I took the card of the hotel ... ...
  • fer_siu
    Hardware, software have shortcomings, and service not very professional, and no timely repair of damaged facilities.
  • ljb520995
    Big rooms, but the device is a bit old and not up to the standards of five-star, four star, convenient, very close to the old Summer Palace, breakfast, friendly, overall was nice
  • classbt
    Which is very nice