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Parent-child travel in summer vacation has prominent consumption power, and 'learning while traveling' is a popular route for same-trip travel

Date: 2021-07-13

With the arrival of the summer vacation, the parent-child travel market ushered in a travel peak. With routine travel reservation and consultation, according to data so far, more than 45% summer holidaying orders, "the doll for a walk" to travel is just need to market, the most popular with parents and family main destination of hainan, ningxia, hebei, sichuan, jiangsu, liaoning, Inner Mongolia, fujian, yunnan, Beijing, the top of the growing popularity of hainan in summer holidaying destination, Ningxia, Hebei, Sichuan and other provinces followed.

In the post-epidemic era, short trips and peripheral trips have become the first choice of more consumers. However, compared with previous holidays, parent-child travel in this summer vacation has presented a major development and change. According to the data of tongcheng tourism, parent-child families are enthusiastic about long-distance travel. The proportion of small and long-term domestic travel orders is more than 80%, and consumption continues to increase. Lang Zhijie, vice president of Tongcheng Travel Industry, believes that the rising popularity of domestic small and long-term travel fully reflects consumers' confidence in the effective prevention and control of the epidemic, and the tourism market is continuing to improve.

On the same travel platform, the average price of summer parent-child travel products is 4,310 yuan/person. "Enjoy summer vacation + Sanya double web celebrity parent-child hotel + Haman resort hotel in Dadonghai + Atlantis hotel in Haitang Bay + Baby baby non-stop double flight for 5 days" is the top selling route. Among the parent-child travel products, the trend of "learning while traveling" is rising rapidly, with the order proportion of research and learning products reaching as high as 68%. In addition, with the "post-80s" and "post-90s" joining their parents, their demands for parent-child travel are becoming more diversified, personalized and quality-oriented. Among the hot selling routes, exquisite small group, customized plan, private group and other modes are favored by parent-child families, and the customer volume of free travel is as high as 50%.

According to the survey data of parent-child travel intention of the same trip, the factors such as fun experience, parent-child interaction, growth and harvest are the most concerned by parent-child tourists, and "increasing the time to get along with children" is the purpose of most parents' travel. "The high demand for parent-child interaction continues to drive the upgrading and transformation of the travel market," said Lang Zhijie, vice president of Tongcheng Travel. In the past, we talked more with parents, but the needs of children still lack attention. Next, the tourism industry will continue to promote the transformation of the parent-child travel market, explore and create more high-quality routes, and create quality experience for each participant of the parent-child travel."